About Us

Background/History of IMPRA

At the dawn of our young South African democracy in 1994, after realising that the music industry like so many other local industries is infused with the legacy of apartheid’s political economy. The music industry’s sector suffered additional setbacks because indigenous culture and industry was actively supressed and distorted by the apartheid regime (MITT report 2005) The most devastating aspect of this legacy is that local music is not developing as fast as it should. 80% of music sold and consumed in South Africa is international and just a mere 20% is local.

International music in our South African market is thriving, while our local music is not keeping pace (MITT report 2005). This narrative MUST change. Since 2009 the South African music industry, under the leadership of Mr Dodo Moses Monamodi, the then Chairperson of AIRCO (Association of Independent Record Companies of South Africa), in consultation with individual performers and producers representative and associations undertook to champion and lead the transformation and development of the local music industry, particularly the untransformed collecting society industry, to create economic empowerment opportunities for our local music producers and performers.

As a result IMPRA (Independent Music Performance Rights association) was born in 2014 to set a new precedence in the area of Royalties Collection and Distribution for Needle-Time, with a sharp focus in elevating the status of performers to have equal powers with producers in licencing, collecting and distribution of Needle-Time Royalties.