Q: How do I join IMPRA?

A: IMPRA is a Needle Time royalty collecting society in South Africa, It can be accessed on the website, social media and on appointments. To join visit the website www.impra.co.za, Call the office line 011 675 0895 or email info@impra.co.za and fill up the application forms and return with your musical works via WhatsApp, email or walk in on appointments.

Q: How long after joining do I become a member?

A: You will be allocated an IMP Number which is your unique identification code used to identify your membership, your music and can be used as a reference for any inquiries. You immediately become a member and you will receive any royalties provided that your music is being played within a particular year and there is revenue collected on your behalf, currently we are collecting from the SABC, Prime Media and other retails stores.

Q: How long after joining do I get paid?

A:  This depends whether your music is played within the Organizations that we collect from ie: SABC, Prime Media, And if we are paying for a particular year that your music has been played within, If your music has played on SABC radio stations in 2017 and we are paying for that year you will be eligible for payment. 

Q: Is there a joining fee?

A: There are no joining fees or any charges to become an IMPRA member, In fact we pay you.

Q: How long after joining IMPRA do I know if I’m a member?

 A: Depending on the time you joined, The IMPRA office will do a vetting and get you sorted as a member as soon as possible, So it can take up to 14 Working Days or less.

Q: What is the difference between IMPRA and SAMPRA?

A: IMPRA and SAMPRA are both Needle Time Collecting Societies and the only difference is in the benefits for becoming a member. Try IMPRA now for our benefits.

Q: Can I be a member of SAMPRA and IMPRA at the same time?

A: No, dual membership is not allowed and if you want to join IMPRA you will have to deregister or cancel your membership with SAMPRA if you are already a SAMPRA member and as an IMPRA member you cannot become a SAMPRA member unless you deregister.

Q: If I’m a member of SAMPRA and I want to join IMPRA, what do I do?

 A: You can start by sending in your application forms using the method stated above and send SAMPRA an email stating that you want to cancel your membership with them, Make sure to  Cc the following emails so that IMPRA can be aware of your deregistering process with SAMPRA, info@impra.co.za and membership@impra.co.za

Q: Do we get paid annually or how does it work?

A: It depends on the current years being payed for. Make sure your documentations are all submitted for us to speed up the payment process. For more info contact the office.

Contact us if you have any other questions.